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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Polished Concrete Fire Surround and Hearth

We need a new fireplace hearth and would like to source one in a polished concrete. Googling has, so far, turned up very little.

"polished concrete" turned up
  • The Concrete Society @ - Their supplier directory was not very usefull and the only links I could find were to large suppliers of concrete.
  • Paul Davies Design @ - All seems very grey
  • SOI source @ - Silly flash based site, with very little content about what they do.
Noticed this in an add in the back of Elle Decoration...
  • Lowinfo Design - - Again all very grey.
We are really looking for a product that has some colour and with the agregate exposed.


This blog is a place for me to record the searches I do while looking for products to buy.

I find usefull, and use it a lot, but one thing it doesn't do is allow me to record my progress as I try out new search terms and refine them over the search process.